Emily Spivy




I am an Emmy award winning television producer, director and editor with over 22 years of experience. I spent the first 21 years in broadcast television, starting in the videotape room, then spending a year as a news photographer, and eventually became a director. Now, I work  as a producer, director and editor for public television.


I have lived the past 16 years in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I grew up in the town of Mayfield, Kentucky, and I spent my first few years working at the television station in Paducah Kentucky, while working on the side as a help-desk technician for an ISP.


I spend my spare time as a photographer, bass player, artist, computer guru, and PC gamer. I'm also a fan of the Mazda RX8. I'm married to my best friend, Jason, who happens to be handsome, and handy.



Visit my YouTube page for my videos, and my Flickr page for my photos.  I have prints and artwork you can buy on my Fine Art America page.


Then stop by my blog if you enjoy hearing about my PC gaming adventures, or the ongoing adventure as my husband and I fix up our old house.


 Feel free to reach out to me through Facebook or Twitter.


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